Your Life Matters

April 24

“And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”  Esther 4:14.

The most important thought you can hold today is, “My life matters!”  Esther had lived a lie for several years.  She married the King of Persia under false pretense and no one in the Palace knew that she was a Jew.  Through a diabolic plot of Haman, one of the royal officials, a decree went out from the kingdom that could mean the destruction of the Jewish people, including Esther.

The threat of extinction for her people drove Esther to a sense of destiny and purpose.  She realized that within her lies the power to save her people.  God had invested in her His favor and glory to become the Queen of Persia.  Now it was now the time for her serve God with what He gave her.  From humble beginnings as orphan, Esther was now the greatly loved and respected Queen of Persia.  It was time for her to remember from where she came and to help those who were left behind.  She would do her best and God to do the rest.

Esther decided to help the Jews in spite of the risks. She would go to the king and make an appeal on behalf of them “And if I perish, I perish.”  Esther 4:16. Her life mattered and the life of the Jews also mattered. She put her faith in God, prayed, and obeyed.  She became a savior of her people.

How do you change your world?  By one decision, one word, and one action at a time.  How does the world become a better place?  By one good deed, one act of mercy, and one act of love at a time.  Your life matters to God and someone else needs you. God loves all people.  You are born for a purpose and for such a time as this.  Your life matters.


Kingdom Declaration:

I am born with purpose, I have value, and my life matters.

Read the Bible in One Year: 2 Samuel 19-20; Luke 18:1-23