Power for change

September 26

“Then Joshua son of Nun secretly sent two spies from Shittim. ‘Go, look over the land,’ he said, ‘especially Jericho.’ So they went and entered the house of a prostitute named Rahab and stayed there.” (Josh. 2:1).

Rahab was a prostitute looking for a fresh start and a way out of her lifestyle. She chose God and became a CHAYIL woman with seven CHAYIL Pillars are her focused life and core values.

Her intentional growth in the seven Pillars of CHAYIL Glory:
1) Worship. She chose the God of Abraham and Moses as her source of salvation, service, and worship.
2) Wisdom. She heard about the powerful God of Moses and ceased the opportunity for a new life with Him.
3) Power. She helped Joshua and the spies to conquer Jericho, and negotiated for the salvation of all her family. She was strategic, creative, and intentional.
4) Honor. Transformed by God, she grew in honor until her past reputation did not hold her back from marriage to a good man, a Jew called Salmon.
5) Favor. God favored and blessed her with a son named Boaz, a highly esteemed kinsman redeemer.
6) Wealth. She was blessed with the wealth of great relationships, a great family, resources, and fame as a godly woman.
7) Influence. After thousands of years Rahab remains influential as one of the women in the genealogy of Jesus Christ, Savior of the World.

It is never too late to call on God for a change of life. CHAYIL Glory is the manifested power and glory of our LORD Jesus Christ in and through His servants. Choose change and choose Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. He will transform your life for a greater future.

Kingdom Declaration:

I receive the power and glory of God to create my new world for a greater future.

Read the Bible in One Year: Isaiah 1,2; Galatians 5