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Join the CHAYIL Army of Global Intercessors

Jesus Christ is EL CHAYIL, Lord of Armies King of Glory. As our Commander of the Lord’s Armies, we will engage in spiritual warfare with the help of His mighty angels to save our world. As His global army of intercessors in unity, we name our global altar, “Jesus Christ, Jehovah Nissi” meaning “Lord Jesus Christ is our Banner”. Lord Jesus Christ describes His sovereignty and mission to save our world. Flying a banner or flag in times of military battle is a rallying point that shows the identity of the Kingdom or nation of the troops serving in unity with a focused cause. It gives the troops a rallying point for hope, unity, focus, and victory.”

Please Get Involved:

Join the CHAYIL Army of Global Intercessors that is forming one CHAYIL Altar to establish Jesus Christ as Commander and Savior of our world. Distribute this to your groups, Churches, and networks asking believers to join us in the CHAYIL Glory Movement “to fill the whole earth with the powerful great glory of Jesus Christ” for global revival to stop global disasters.

Once you join the CHAYIL Army of Global Intercessors, I will send you the information on elite spiritual warfare training.

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