• Dr Pat Francis

Charities and Ministries

With a mission to save lives, help people and create solutions we have develop several missions and charities in addition to Pat Francis Ministries.

Kingdom Covenant Ministries

KCM is a multi-cultural church with over sixty nations represented in weekly vibrant worship services, dynamic teachings, a strong care program and annual conferences that are attracting people from all over the world. With a weekly attendance of over 2,500 people in several services on Wednesday and Friday Nights and two services on Sunday at 9:00am and 11:30am. Do visit us for a special visitor’s package and experience.
For more information visit www.kingdomcovenant.ca.


Solutions For the Poor

Pat Francis Ministries takes teams of workers, medical and dental staff to developing nations to provide food, clothing, basic supplies, medical and dental care to the poor. We provide aid to disaster areas and help families with food, temporary shelter, medicine and building projects.  With our Building Projects people are employed and taught skills that will increase their ability for further employment.  In our Children Homes (Covenant Garden Estate), we save and nurture abandoned or desperated children, employ local professionals and also train others for new working opportunities. Through our Leadership and Business Training programs we are empowering people with knowledge and skills to start their own businesses or job creation.


Kingdom Covenant Academy

At Kingdom Covenant Academy we provide the opportunity for children from preschool to High School to reach their full potential because of our small classes, emphasis on academic excellence, supportive faculty and a no-failure culture that fosters a passion for students to rise to their full potential. Our mission is to educate and develop children and youth as leaders with strength and character to become major contributors in all areas of society both locally and globally. Our students are born to achieve and succeed and our faculty, with the help of parents, are committed to make their dreams a reality. Do call or email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to provide you with more information.  www.kingdomcovenantacademy.ca


Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute

At KCLI we have a 21st century approach that provides a well-rounded curriculum in Theology & Biblical Studies, Christian Counselling, Leadership, Wealth Creation and Worship Arts. This can be done affordably and with minimal disruption to your regular obligations at our online school or local school for Certificates or diplomas at different levels.  For more information visit www.kclinstitute.org.


Acorn to Youth Services

Acorn to Oak Youth Services exists to restore, equip, and transform lives, propelling youth to achieve their full potential regardless of their circumstances. We have offered relevant and holistic programs and services in a caring environment to thousands of young people in the Region of Peel and surrounding areas, regardless of their creed, colour, race and spiritual beliefs. Programs include:
Mentorship: providing career, social, academic and rehabilitation mentors
Restorative Justice: with the goal to "restore" relationships, fix the damage that has been done and prevent further crimes from occurring
Counselling: one-on-one or group counselling to provide coping strategies for dealing with many issues supported by a professional clinical counselling team
Sports and Recreation: creating positive opportunities for youths to become involved in recreation activities in the community.